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I wonder how long it will take my dad to notice that I filled the two unused picture frames in the living room with pictures of danny divito and a lobster

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im failing biology

This feels like the beginning of a porno

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The Last Naruto The Movie 

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Little things Hannibal does part 1 | part 2

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have you ever wanted to see a bath bomb in a toilet? here u go

northern lights is my favorite bath bomb and it looks even better in a toilet

What the fuck is wrong with yall

white people be plopping $40 bath bombs in the turlet

when people ask me what the aesthetic movement is im showing them this

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Thus, the logic of the feminist argument to “Teach men not to rape” is revealed.

Yes because it’s such a radical notion to expect rapists to control themselves.

Uh, we do tell thieves not to rob, though. We actually spend a lot of energy teaching kids that stealing is wrong. We keep trying to teach them it’s wrong through their teens and adult years.

And when someone gets robbed? Cops don’t ask them if their front door was locked. They don’t ask them if they invited the thief into their house and maybe said the thief was free to take things before changing their mind the next day. And this is true even though sometimes people do get robbed by folks they invite in under false pretenses.

Cops and lawyers and judges don’t work together to make people who get robbed feel like shit for not installing extra security systems or putting bars on their windows. They don’t use people’s former history of inviting neighbors in and letting them borrow stuff to argue that they had no right to expect someone to respect their property. The media doesn’t talk about how the thief’s promising life was ruined by their victim’s decision to prosecute.

Your metaphor is bad and you should feel bad.

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